Directory submissions remain a key to SEO

A serious approach to promoting your websites in the search engines to improve the chances of it being found and visited by the right type of visitors will usually include a number of methods.

As well as On-Page Seo,there are the Off-Page methods which should be a continuous process for the reason that the search engines change how they rank sites from time to time so you need to see search engine optimization as a long term strategy and be ready to adjust things accordingly when necessary.

While some web marketers like to jump into the latest methods, often without knowing whether they will work yet, there are the tried and tested approaches to building backlinks that have been around for a few years and one of those is the use of web directories.

When i say use, im referring to submitting your websites to web directories.

What makes a web directory an attractive choice for building backlinks is that they are categorized and human edited so the fact that you can get your website listed in a category that has or will have sites that are very similar in topic to yours is very helpful.

Because a human editor is dealing with your submission, it means that your submitted website might even be placed in a more suitable category to provide maximum benefit for your website, both as a backlink and also because of the relevance to the other sites in that category.

Although each directory has its own submission guidelines and various offerings in place, its quite common for a regular listing to be a permanent listing for your website and this is something that should not be underestimated for its long term benefit for your website.

As a web directory ages it will gain trust in the large search engines like google and yahoo and this is where you can often take advantage of getting your websites listed as early as possible, getting your foot in the door and establishing your website’s presence in the directories.

Web directories are tried, tested and trusted and the use of them is always part of a good web marketers organized plan who understands that they are a steady and secure way to gain valuable backlinks, increased serps and trust for your websites.