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Since 2003 word press has been offering people with an easy, open source and cost free blogging platform? Being the best and popular blogging tool, word press provides the developers the opportunity to create plug-in to address the millions of users needs. But what are the word press plug in? Word press plug in are predesigned code, which enhance the features and functionality of website or blog. Different plug-in offer variety of advantages for word press users. In this article we will let you know the various plug-in that can be used to improve the functionality and feel of the website blog.
But why use plug in? The strength of word press comes with plug-in that can be installed on your platform to make it formidable platform. Plug in allow you to install the features very easily that allows you to generate huge traffic to your website. The more the visitors you attract to your site the more it becomes useful to users. Within this plug in some are cost free and others are paid.
Once you start using word press blog after installing you may encounter no. of plug in, you may get confused. So to avoid that confusion we here list some of the most usable plug in to help make your blogging experience better.
All in one SEO pack: These plug in helps your website to rank well in goggle and other search engine. It allows you to format the title of every page, which is most important feature to rank well in search engines. It also automatically generates Meta tags of your posting.
Akismet: this plug in will help you in moderating comments posted by the user who only want to spam with their website URL’s on the post to get attention to their sites. It is basically a spam network which builds on itself. Whenever spam is encountered on you blog it is updated on the akismet database and it will never trouble you again.
Ad sense manager: this plug in allows you to automatically insert ads into your blog with no intervention. If you were to do manually, it takes more time than it actually with ad sense manager plug in. it automatically generates code and allow ads being placed in the blog.
OIO publisher: this plug in is called as “ultimate sales platform” and it is cheaper than other alternatives. It cost you $37 one time payment which allows you run your own ads service, where users purchase slots on your blog pages, and ad appear automatically on the page as soon as they pay through PayPal. The user interface of this plug in is very easy to understand. This will allow you run banner ads to text links and if you have any item to sell, then this plug in handles the processing as well.
Word press video: this plug in allow you to display the video from most popular video sharing program websites ex: you tube, aniboom, Google video etc.
Word press automatic upgrade: this plug in allows you to upgrade the word press which you installed automatically with out hassle free. With the features and usability changing so rapidly you can allow the plug-in to upgrade the word press automatically.
These are some of the plug in that can be used to improve your usability and functionality but the list of plug in continue to grow with advancements in the internet world. We advice you keep updated with the list of plug in to improve your usability and convenience.

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