Beware of Affiliate Marketing Scams and Stay Away From Them

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Affiliate Marketing is a very popular type of business to go into for the beginner to the advanced Internet Marketer because it is relatively simple, safe and costs little money to start up. While there has been a noticeably increase in Internet Marketers venturing into affiliate marketing in recent years, similarly there has also been a corresponding increase in scams and frauds. They were created by scam artists and fraudsters to cheat unsuspecting and innocent new marketers to part with their money for some things that usually don’t exist or are totally worthless.

How Can You Identify a Scam

For obvious reasons, Scam artists will never reveal their true identities so this means any names in email communication you received from them are fictitious names. Some of the most common signs of possible scam or things that may appear suspicious to you are the following:
a. requests you to provide your bank account details, credit card number or other personal particulars
b. tells you that you have won a prize or a big sum of money in a lottery
c. there is no mention of any website or email address provided as a real company ought to have a domain name with its email linked to it.
d. the email is sent using a free email account and has many simple spelling mistakes
e. it always promises you easy money to be made from doing nothing and sometimes pasting a screenshot of instant wealth being made by himself or others who have joined his get-rich scheme.

Questions to ask to spot possible Scams

a. If you are asked to join an affiliate marketing program that sounds too good to be true, it usually is. You should ask the leading questions to determine the legitimacy of these programs including what kind of support is available in the program because legitimate affiliate programs provide their members with training, tutorials and some mentoring.
b. Check for testimonials of people who have joined the program and read what they have to say and even authenticate if they are real people. The best test for this is to look for their website url which is usually provided for legitimate cases.
c. Legitimate affiliate marketing programs tell would-be affiliates their compensation plan. Check that this company does this or does it only ask you to make out some payment immediately.

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