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One important thing you must consider when writing a blog is deciding which platform to use anyhow, using any type of platform you can drive your way but choosing the best platform is how easily and safely you drive your way is all about. This is most important because, there are many blog platforms available out there, you can easily lose. That is why important to pick right platform. It is more annoying when you face problems and need to switch between platform when the blog is up and running. When choosing the blog platform there are some which cost you something and others which do not. Picking up which one it all depends on the purpose you have for your blog. There are different free blog platform to choose from they are word press, live journal, typepad, goggles blogger. How ever to use them free, platforms will have advertising ads or links on your blog which divert reader away from your blog. In addition these free blog platforms have some limited functionality. If you think to have full customization and don’t have advertising on your blog, then a self hosted blog platform is the best option.
Of the various blog hosting services, they are of three common blog platforms.
Hosted blog platform: this is the easiest way to start your own blog. It is very much similar to free online service account, where you only require giving your information to get an account for ex: yahoo, hotmail etc.
In this type of platform you no need to download any software to run it. You no need to take any responsibility more than writing and managing your posts. The host provider will do everything for you so that no technical skills are required for you to operate blog. For ex: it is very easy to set up blog through, where the full control of your blog vest with
Stand alone blog platforms: this type of platform you require to install software or script in you web hosting account. This type of software requires your web server to have PHP or Perl support and database. The advantages of this type of platform are that you have flexibility and control with you. With this you host the blog on your own domain name. You can customize the templates to look and feel as your website through inheriting from your website. Example is a downloadable platform which allows you to have full control with you. This type of platform is best advisable if you have your own domain name and more you can modify the blog software to suit your needs.
Hosted blog platform remotely: this type of platform is taken form the better of the two platforms. With this type of platform you create an account with and manage through blog platform website and the results are reflected on your domain name. For this you have to enter your ftp details correctly. Example
With you can simply create your blog but it requires to login to the account of to post the entries on your blog. requires having your domain name where the changes are reflected through the having domain name to host your blog means you have control over your blog but also you own your blog.
Whichever blog platform you use, remember to select which is free blogging platform and with no ads and links on it.

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