Different Flower Garden Plants and How to Use Them in Your Garden

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Planning a garden can be a bit confusing if you do not understand how to use the many different types of flower garden plants. Using different plants effectively will lead to an excellent garden with blooming flowers throughout the entire season. Ornamental grasses, climbing vines, flower bulbs, biennial, annuals and perennials are all excellent garden plants. Each of these types of plants as well as species within the families will have their own growth requirement so you need to be aware of your soil type and yearly climate.

Perennials are flowering plants that bloom for a short time during the season, about two to four weeks. Despite this short flowering time they are extremely long-lived plants that will come back year after year. There are many perennials that will bloom at different times during the season. You should chose perennials that span the entire season to ensure you have bright spots of color the whole season long.

Annuals are different than perennials as the only last one season. Their entire growth cycle consists of one season as they grow, flower, produce seeds and die. Some popular annuals are the marguerite daisies, Brazilian verbena, cosmos, spider flower, nigella, sweet alyssum, and blue salvia to name but a few. These plants flowers last the entire season and are highly desired as they have lovely color.

Biennials are flower garden plants last one year longer then annuals as the first year they grow leaves and the second year they produce flowers. Then after the second year they die just like annuals. Biennials have a two-year lifespan. You rarely need to replant biennials, as they tend to re-seed themselves when found in gardens. Hollyhocks, verbascums and foxgloves are all biennials and produce stunning flowers.

Flower bulbs are a type of garden flower that store their organs in the ground. They store energy in the bulb for growth the next year. All bulbs do need a cold period in order to grow and germinate. Some popular summer bulbs are calla lilies, dahlias, canna lilies, begonias and gladioli. These bulbs need a cold season but it should not be below freezing, as a frost will damage the bulbs. Daffodils, crocuses, snowdrops and tulips are all early season bulbs.

Climbing vines are also lovely flower garden plants and a great choice if you have a lot of vertical space or trellises. Some easy to grow climbing vines that produce beautiful flowers are the morning glory, sweet pea, hyacinth and the clematis. These vines are all very easy to grow. Ornamental grasses are a good option as they produce color all year long, lovely greens during the summer, a color change and flowering in the fall and then a straw color during the winter. These grasses will move with the slightest breeze and provide texture to your garden. You can find grasses that thrive in shade and sun.

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