Why Your Affiliate Marketing Website Traffic Conversion Sucks

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If you are experiencing problems in getting decent conversions from your traffic, you may have to do a reality check. Yes the sooner you determine the reason the faster you get back at seeing some real activity in your affiliate sales. This is important because quite frankly many marketers give up their affiliate marketing business all too soon before even realizing what’s the cause of their poor traffic conversion.

Here are some tips you can use to improve your sales conversion rate immediately for your business.

Critique Your Website
If you are receiving sufficient traffic to your website but not seeing any affiliate sales, it probably suggests that there is something not quite right about your website that is turning your visitors away. You may now appreciate why in many forums you visit, there seems to be one section that devotes to new marketers asking others to critique their affiliate marketing website. Yes, web design, link worthy blogs, bad navigational menu structure, and properly structured sites are a few things that can influence your traffic conversion. Well you may want to take a closer look at your website now or start asking people to critique your website. You may find some shocking revelations!

Call To Action
Having an effective call to action sometimes can make a big difference in traffic conversion. Your visitor who signs up on your email opt-in list must know the “what’s in it for me” benefit before doing so. You would also know that offering an irresistible deal almost always attracts more of them to complete your call to action. So think of free gifts, discounts and other interesting ideas to encourage more participation on your website. Who knows, the buzz being generated may have even long term benefits to your affiliate marketing business.

Keyword Research
Are your keywords being used on your website profitable and are they found on your website content in the first place? Many experienced marketers target long tail keyword phrases as they are known to improve the conversion rate. If your website relates to promoting some popular products, it also pays to think of some of the buying keywords that are so often used by people who are searching at their favorite search engines like Google. So some buyer keyword phrases like “special offers”, “cheaper” and “free shipping” would be those that you should include in your content from time to time.

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